Maggie positive for Olympic Legacy

Maggie Throup’s visit to the Olympics has reinforced her belief that the whole event will bring economic benefit to our locality as well as sporting benefit.

Maggie said: “I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the athletics in the Olympic Stadium for Thursday evening when Usain Bolt won the 200m final and David Rudisha broke the world record in the 800m.

“It was an amazing experience and our athletes across all disciplines have delivered many outstanding performances which has made me very proud indeed

“The excitement so many of us experienced when the Olympic Flame came to Solihull was carried through to the actual Games and our medal successes have been phenomenal.

“Alongside the athletes the crowds, helpers, police and armed forces all made the Games such a success.

“But the benefits to the economy before and after the two weeks are important and I’m delighted it’s estimated that the West Midlands’ economy has benefited by almost £0.5 billion, with the total across the country currently estimated at almost £7 billion.

“I do hope there is an economic legacy as well as a sporting legacy our country so rightly deserves.”