Parliamentary Boundary Review 2023


The Parliamentary Constituencies Act 2020 mandates the Boundary Commission for England to undertake a review of Parliamentary constituency boundaries. This will be the first overhaul of constituency boundaries since the 2010 General Election.

An eight-week written consultation period on the initial proposals which were published on Tuesday 8th June 2021 is now open and run until Monday 2nd August 2021. This will be followed by a secondary consultation period of six weeks in the early part of next year which will include public hearings. The Commission will then decide whether to revise their initial proposals.

Revised proposals are likely to be published in September 2022 with a further four-week consultation period. Final proposals have to be submitted to the Speaker no later than Saturday 1st July 2023. Once he has laid the set of proposals, an Order in Council bringing them into effect must be laid within four months. Once the Order in Council has been signed, any general election after that will be on the new boundaries.

In terms of the scope of the Review, The Parliamentary Constituencies Act 2020 dictates that there will be 650 Parliamentary constituencies covering the UK and requires every constituency the Commission recommends (with the exception of two covering the Isle of Wight) to contain no fewer than 69,724 electors and no more than 77,062.

To view maps showing the proposed new boundaries and to make a formal submission to the Commission consultation which runs until Monday 2nd August 2021, please visit

Proposals Affecting Us

Following the publication of the initial proposals for new Parliamentary constituency boundaries by the independent Boundary Commission for England on Tuesday 8th June 2021, I am asking for your views on the proposed changes that will affect the Erewash county constituency. I will then use this feedback to inform my formal response to the Boundary Commission consultation.

Under the review, whilst the boundaries of the Erewash constituency would remain unchanged, the Commission has recommended that its name be changed to ‘Ilkeston and Long Eaton’ in order to ‘reflect the main population centres of the constituency’.

This proposal would only change the name of the Parliamentary constituency and would in no way affect the name of the Borough of Erewash.