Save The Number 21 Bus!

Dear Resident,

As you may be aware, from October 2022, Trentbarton has withdrawn the number 21 bus service.

Whilst this is a commercial decision made by Trentbarton, as a Member of Parliament, I am deeply concerned about the impact these changes will have on local residents, particularly those living in Kirk Hallam, Shipley View and Hallam Fields.

Therefore, to help demonstrate the level of support for maintaining the services, I have opened a petition to “Save the Number 21”, which can either be signed online by filling out the form (below) or by visiting my Community Office in Ilkeston.

​​​​​​With best wishes,

Maggie Throup MP
Member of Parliament for Erewash



PETITION: Save The Number 21 Bus!

The petition of the residents of Erewash, declares that the number 21 bus route operated by Trentbarton and which currently serves the community of Kirk Hallam, Ilkeston, Shipley View and Hallam Fields, acts as a vital lifeline to many local residents as their only means of easily accessing Queen’s Medical Centre and Ilkeston Community Hospital; further the residents will have to take numerous buses to complete the journey, adding to the cost of travel; and comes shortly after the loss of the number 23 bus also affecting these communities.

The Petitioners therefore request the House of Commons to urge the Chief Executive of Trentbarton to reconsider the changes and reinstate the original Number 21 bus route.

And the Petitioners remain,etc.