MP encouraging more women to take up cervical cancer screening

Maggie Throup, Member of Parliament for Erewash is encouraging more women to take up the screening for cervical cancer. At a recent meeting in Parliament, Maggie was able to find out the ‘facts and figures’ about the benefits of screening. With screening preventing 75 per event of cervical cancers from developing, two women losing their life every day to this cancer and nine women diagnosed with cervical cancer every day, having a smear test is a sensible option.

Maggie said:

“Sadly too many women are losing their lives to this preventable cancer. A simple smear test, despite it being uncomfortable at the time, can truly be a life saver.

“I am encouraged that the proportion of Erewash women taking up this screening test is above the national average, however one in five women still miss their test.

“The amazing charity ‘Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’ has a goal to eradicate cervical cancer but it is up to every individual woman to play their part and have a smear test to ensure the charity realises this ambition.”