Spending Round proves the Conservatives are delivering on the public’s priorities

Maggie Throup, Member of Parliament for Erewash, has welcomed the Spending Round which ensures that all government departments have the funding they need to deliver on the public’s priorities.

On Wednesday, the Government set out a new bold and ambitious agenda to build a brighter future for our country as we prepare to leave the European Union on 31 October.

As part of the Government’s commitments to fund the nation’s priorities, the Spending Round confirmed:

  1. More funding for schools so that every child gets a superb education, wherever they are in the country. Spending on schools will rise by £2.6 billion next year, rising to £7.1 billion by 2022-23, enabling per pupil funding to increase.
  2. An investment of £400 million in Further Education, ensuring young people have the skills they need for the future.
  3. An extra £750 million to recruit 20,000 new police officers – ensuring the police have the resources needed to tackle the rise in violent crime and keep the public safe.
  4. Making sure people start seeing the £33.9 billion cash increase for the NHS in their frontline services.
  5. Local Councils will have access to new funding of £1.5bn for social care.
  6. Further funding for other domestic priorities – including £200 million to transform bus services, more funding for Homes England to help more young people onto the housing ladder, and an extra £30 million to help us achieve Net Zero by 2050.

Commenting, Maggie said:

“Thanks to the hard work of the British people and tough decisions made by successive Conservative governments over the last decade, we can now afford to spend more on people’s priorities.

“I am delighted that this Spending Round is continuing to support the nation’s priorities. These ambitious plans will ensure a fantastic education for every child, safer streets across the country, and better health and social care for those who need it.

“Only Boris Johnson and the Conservatives will build a brighter future for Britain – ensuring that we have a strong economy and can reap the benefits of Brexit after we leave the EU on 31 October.”