UPDATE: Ladycross House Local Authority care home

Erewash MP Maggie Throup has written to the Leader of Derbyshire County Council, Cllr. Barry Lewis, to request that the Authority immediately suspends its public consultation into the closure of care homes across Derbyshire for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In her letter, Maggie, who has publicly opposed the closure of Ladycross House Local Authority Care Home in Sandiacre, said that to continue with the consultation during the nationwide lockdown would put “the democratic process in jeopardy”.

In addition, she also argued that the step-down beds that have been commissioned at Ladycross by Derby & Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group would become even more crucial in the weeks and months ahead.

Commenting on her letter, Maggie said:

“Life at the moment does not and should not feel normal. The Country is facing its greatest challenge since the war, and I know that Derbyshire County Council is working around the clock to help residents and businesses to deal with the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“It is therefore only common sense to suspend the public consultation into the closure of local authority care homes across Derbyshire, including Ladycross, until after this crisis has passed.

“This will allow the County Council to prioritise its resources to where they are most needed and ensure that step-down beds like those at Ladycross are available to relieve pressure on our NHS, whilst also upholding the people’s democratic right to properly scrutinise their elected representatives about such an important decision. 

“I will continue to oppose these closures, including presenting my petition to Parliament, but this process should be conducted transparently and not behind closed doors.”